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  • Joana & Vladimir are getting merried

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  • Wedding Events

    What, Where and When...

    Place TBC


    We would like to welcome all guests who arrive before the wedding ceremony, and have a light meal before a long day. We will let you know the place shortly.

    Church of Our Lady of Nazaré​

    Wedding Ceremony

    Our Ceremony will take place in the beautiful Catholic Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré. Ceremony will start at 12 O'clock.

    Quinta Das Oliveiras

    Wedding Celebration

    Located in picturesque rural area, the whole place will be ours for the whole day and night and we’re looking forward to enjoying all that it has to offer with the people we love the most. From lunch to late drinks, everything will be in this charming villa.

  • Travel Information

    Church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

  • Travel Information

    Quinta Das Oliveiras

  • Nazaré

    A lovely town to get married

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  • About us

    How we met... 

    Where it all began...

    Pingyao, China

    It all began on August 28th, 2012. On a journey through China, eating in one of the Canteens of Pingyao, or "Hole in the wall" as they call it. Destiny has put our table next to each other, trying to find nice and not extremely spicy meals, gave a start to an interesting conversation. Later on, we have spent great time exploring what this ancient town has to offer. Exploration of Xi'an followed. Wonderful moments spent together made us realize that something very special was going on between us.

    Since then, we felt so good about each other, crossing countries and experiencing unique moments.

    Engagement story...

    Monastery of Alcobaça, Portugal

    We didn't follow the same route always, It happen that one of us had to "turn right" the other had to "turn left" on our journeys. Although we kept thinking about each other and sometimes meeting in different places of the world, having wonderful times. Finally we reunited, in the second coldest capital of the world - Astana. Being in Kazakhstan together has left us with no doubts of what would be our next step, and on the last visit to Joana's homeland, Vladimir proposed her on a beautiful day of 15th of July on the stairs of Alcobaça Monastery. So here we are, ready for our next big step together.